Enterprise PBX Hosted Over Cloud

  • Cloud ePBX revolves around the requirements of dynamic enterprises. It provides great flexibility by offering data, voice, video and multimedia using a single network.
  • Cloud ePBX helps its users connect anytime from anywhere. The next gen software is feature-rich bridging the remote networks.
  • Cloud ePBX is easy to use and maintain. Thus, users can give their businesses a business phone system which comes with a gamut of benefits. If you are planning to utilize PBX, you will be having some great facilities such as, calling logs, voice-mail, conference calls and so on.
  • Empower your business with a Cloud ePBX system which is an ideal amalgamation of advanced technology, service and innovation

Key Benefits

  • Easy to setup, use and maintain
  • Offers the wide array of features
  • Improved customer support
  • Eliminates costs of hardware installation
  • Cost savings in phone bills
  • User friendly and attractive GUI